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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Clara Perone

  • Knee Revision

“After 11 years of extreme pain and discomfort that renedered me homebound, I found Dr. Smires. My previous knee replacement was not satisfactory and led to me contacting a serious staph infection on the prosthesis. Dr. Smires prescribed a conservative course of action and on June 3, 2013 removed my prosthesis and replaced it with a temporary antibiotic block. On November 11, 2013, he removed the block and replaced it with a new custom prosthesis. It certainly was a challenge for him to design and implement. I am now bearing weight and resuming a resonable life style. Dr. Smires not only provided a new knee, he allowed me to regain a better quality of life. Dr. Smires is not only a skilled surgeon, he is a caring and compassionate gentleman who treats his patients with respect and dignity. I am very fortunate to be under the care of such an oustanding surgeon and man. Further, his entire staff embodies the same values and professionalism as he.”


  • hip-replacement

“When you can move and walk again without pain and fear, when you can find your energy and your love to live again,which is the biggest gift a human-being can give to a person, allowing them to have their quality of life back. That is exactly what Dr. Smires and his dedicated staff gave me,"A New Me".

At the age of 70 I have had two hips replaced within 7 weeks. I was 3 nights in that beautiful hospital for the first procedure and 2 nights for the second one and each time I returned straight back home. Now it feels like a dream with only positive memories. The care through that time and even now for the follow-ups could not be better. Kindness and humor surounds you, which is such a healing in it's own. I could never imagine or think of a better hospital for having two hip-replacements done with such ease than with Dr Smires in the Medical Arts Pavilion.

Thank you again,



  • 2 hip replacements

“Dr. Smires's first gift to me was the correct diagnosis of my pain--no small thing since it has been misdiagnosed for several years. Once I had the right diagnosis, he and his team (his entire team is excellent, without exception), handled my case with great efficiency and respect. The outcomes for the surgeries were excellent--he has honed his techniques such that I had very little swelling and discomfort and swift recovery. This continual honing of technique means that the patient gets the benefit of all current thinking and discovery for joint replacement. In sum, for me the following were differentiating factors that have made me so pleased with PB&J: 1)surgeon's obvious skill and great outcome, 2)accessibility of staff by phone (physician's assistant especially), 3)courteous and intelligent staff, 4)association with a very clean and well-run hospital, and 5)an obvious striving for excellence that you can feel from the moment you enter the office. I would recommend Dr. Smires and his team without hesitation. He and they have changed my life. ”

Joanne P

  • Bilateral Knee Replacements

“I have been a patient of Dr. Smires since 2000, when I had my first knee replacement, and have always received the highest quality of care from him and from his staff. In addition to their exceptional training and skill, there is an added level of personal attention and care from every person in the office. I am very grateful for Dr. Smires' innovative approach to orthopedic care. Over the past 13 years, I have referred numerous friends and coworkers to this practice and each of them has been equally impressed with the quality of care they received. ”


  • hip replacement

“Dr. Harvey Smires is a man with magic hands. He performed a miracle by replacing my nasty left hip. For the first time in many years, I am pain free, even when it is cold and rainy.

Dr. Smires' brother, Dan, is an excellent physical therapist, who helped me regain mobility and flexibility.

The entire staff works to create a loving and supportive environment that facilitates the healing process.

The entire staff works to create a loving, supportive environment that facilitates the healing process. ”

Stacey Katz

  • Bilateral Hip Replacements
Stacey Katz's photo

“Thanks to Dr. Harvey Smires and Jason Nagy, PA their expert care has put me on the road to gaining my life back. After 2+ years suffering in daily pain and exhausting alternative treatment (syn visc injections in my hip and acupuncture accompanied by physical therapy) and consulting with a Neurosurgeon Spine Surgeon dear to my family, Dr. Smires confirmed that both my hips needed replacement. Dr. Smires office staff; friendly, professional, comforting and knowledgeable. A wonderful "team" that never miss a beat! Post 6 weeks from my second hip replacement, I finally after years of not having my normal life, I feel it coming back. The pain I had for years is totally gone and my hips, as I am told, are "NEW"! If I can offer one piece of advice, follow everything Dr. Smires and Jason Nagy advise. I came to Dr. Smires because many years ago he revised my fathers hip replacement, and although my Dad had back issues, after Dr. Smires revision, he never had a hip problem again. Cheers to the Princeton Bone & Joint Team for helping me regain the life I used to have. I'm on the road! ”

Naoma D

  • Physical Therapy

“I was facing possible surgery for a tear in my right rotator cuff. Although I had some previous therapy, it was not successful. I was referred to Daniel Smires a PT at Princeton Bones and Joint. Right from the start, our sessions were different. I was treated by Dan Smires for 30 to 45 minutes instead of 15 to 20 minutes by different staff members at the previous facility. When Dan's assistant took over, he was there to oversee that I was doing the therapy correctly and the amount of time spent with me was never rushed. After nine sessions I have no pain, can raise my arm above my shoulder and have avoided surgery. It is wonderful to feel painless and to have avoided surgery. I highly recomend Daniel Smires and his group if you are in need of a physical therapist. He is #1 in my book!!



Donna Steif

  • Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

“I am anxious to make it known that I had been suffering since May 2013 with my right shoulder, which had been with not only no cartilage but a rotator cuff which was literally shredded by arthritis. The pain had been unbearable; any small motion triggered it off. I had been given Dr. Smiresâ name by a source I would trust with my life and decided to see him. Upon taking an MRI the results confirmed what Dr. Smires had thought all along, and he suggested that I have a total shoulder replacement. I had no compunction about going through with it. It turned out that the damage had gone so far that he had to graft bone from around the area â a miracle within itself. I am so grateful for the amazing work he had done and the fact that almost three months later I am back to my old self.

Dennis Whitney

  • Physical Therapy

“On 11/26/13 I had my rt. knee replaced. After having home pt it was time to look for a place for out patient therapy. There was a place near my home that I had previously used but I found out that it had been sold and there were changes in personnel. After checking around, I found that Dan Smires had a new pt center near the hospital. Dan had previously had treated me when he was asssociated with POG. I checked out the facility and found it to be fitted with state of the art equipmnt. My mind was made up. This was the place I wanted to go for treatment. After a few sessions, Dan told me that I had to start doing work at home or I would face the possibility of additional medical procedures in the hospital. I immediately took his advice and a few weeks later, with great treatment from Dan and his staff, was nearly back to normal. I'm an avid cyclist and as of June 1st, have ridden over 1000 miles on my new knee. Dan is the man. PBJ is the place to go for PT.”

Joe Repice

  • Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

“In the last 10 months I have had both my knee joints replaced (each at a different time). I was barely functional before the surgery. And I was frightened to have it done. Being a physician I sort of knew what I was in for. But, boy was I surprised. I won't say there was no pain, but, believe me it was minimal. The recovery period was shorter than I could have guessed.

In short I was beyond pleased with the care given by Dr. Smires, Jason Nagy, and the staff. They really listened to anything I had to say, and did their best to help me with any problems.

I decided to do my physical therapy at the same office even though I had to travel 40 miles one way to get there. Under the excellent supervision of Dan Smires and with the great assistance of Kristie, it was worth every mile to get there.

All the ancillary help in the office made my association with them very pleasant. They go out of their way for their patients.

I would recommend the offices of Princeton Bone and Joint for any bone or joint problem. They really care!”

Richard Hoffman

  • Hip Replacement

“Dr's office like PB&J are rare or possibly something that anyone that has gone to a dr's office might only dream of!

From the moment you walk through the door where you're greeted by Dr.Smires' uber friendly staff to the moment to leave, you are treated with kid gloves and treated like a friend more unlike all others that treat you like just another customer. In other words, kindness, sensitivity and professionalism is what to expect.

Typically less then a 5-10min wait and the same in the examination rooms.

I had my hip replaced by Dr.Harvey Smires in 012' and Dr.Smires and company never lost touch with my reality. I give 5 Stars!”

Ashwin Shah

  • Knee Replacement Surgery
Ashwin Shah's photo

“It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for ME...........and I'm feeling GOOD!!!!!

A big Thank you to you dear Dr. Harvey E. Smires - M.D. - Princeton Bone and Joint.

I am Ashwin, 65 years of age and I had a serious ailment of my knees which required surgery. Both my knees were bent severely and I found it very painful and difficult to walk. I had to use a walker.

I visited Dr. Smires, he was just so full of life and positivity and extreme support.

It was the 19th of May 2014, when he performed this surgery. I so knew for sure that I was in the most capable hands which were blessed by God to conduct a surgery on my knees. Today my knees are straight and well aligned. I even look taller now. All thanks to Dr. Smires, you truly are a God sent Angel.

I would also like to thank his staff, all the therapists who were with me & the entire hospital staff too for taking good care of me.

I have referred a couple of my friends to Dr. Smires, those who struggle to walk as their knees have given way.

I just told them one thing - "If you want to stand straight - its none other than Dr. Harvey E. Smires.

Oh yes and by the way, my walker takes a walk all by himself..... I don't need it anymore.

Best Regards,

Ashwin Shah.

Reach me @ +1 (908) 812 - 2492


Edna U.

  • Physical Therapy

“After my knee revision, Dan Smires, my physical therapist, gave his full attention making sure each and every exercise was being done correctly. He listens to you if you have a problem and help you work it out. Dan and his associate helped me recover faster than I ever expected. I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend Dan Smires and his Staff.”

Edna U.

  • Knee Revision

“I had a knee replacement done in 2012 and the outcome was not very good. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Harvey Smires to see if he could help me. After examining my knee, he recommended a knee revision. Dr. Smires made me feel confident that he could correct my problem and restore my knee to full use. Surgery was done May 2014 and I am more than happy with the results. Dr. Smires is a excellent surgeon and I feel he truly cares about his patience. Thanks to Dr. Smires, Jason Nagy PA, and their wonderful staff for putting it all together and for caring.”

Julie Beck

  • Total Hip Replacement

“I had an extremely positive experience. Dr. Smires was wonderful, clearly highly experienced, and inspired a tremendous amount of confidence and peace in the upcoming procedure. The office staff were very organized and caring. The pre-operation preparation was instructive and helpful. I felt very well taken care of on the day of the operation and the succeeding days. The nurses were wonderfully caring and attentive. Exercise began promptly but was done with grace and kindness. The hospital experience was great. Returning home was when the real challenges began, but progress was steady and consistent with the schedule indicated in pre-op meetings. For me, it took 6 weeks to completely lose the cane but PT began 2 weeks after surgery with Dan Smires. That experience was pleasant and professional, with good coaching and personal attention. PT was 3 times a week and lasted 4 weeks. So, now 9 months after my procedure of a total hip replacement, I have 98% range of motion, no pain, can hike and walk without a limp, my foot is straight and posture is perfect. Thank you Dr. Smires and PB&J! ”

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